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We Believe...
The Bible is the inspired and only word of God.

There is one God eternally existing in three persons.

In the virgin birth of Jesus, His atoning death for our sin, His bodily resurrection and ascension into Heaven. He is the King of the Kingdom.

In water baptism by immersion and the baptism with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking with tongues.

Jesus provides health and healing for our bodies and souls (minds, emotions, etc.).

The Holy Spirit Enables all believers in the Kingdom to live pure and holy lives.

Everyone in the Kingdom of God can have abudant life and be victorious in Christ.

In the return of Jesus Christ, which will be preceded by both Judgment and a mighy move of God.

The United States of America is the House of Israel, and the Jewish State of Israel is the House of Judah. One day these two nations will be reunited in Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ alone is worthy of the praise of His people.
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